Grand Illusions / Two Tales & A Song

This 2015 collaboration between Nocturnal Charm Films and was filmed to accompany the album, "The Upper Hand & Other Grand Illusions," which was released by Brownswood Recordings in the Summer of 2014.  The album continues to garner appreciation from music listeners, and considering the global atmosphere in 2017, it presents itself to be quite fascinating.  Starring Pariss Cantlo and Rick Palmer, the visual comes straight from the minds of Broady Brown & Jonathan Diggs Duke, as part of their first film project. However, this wasn't the first meeting between the two camps, as NCF captured the performances at The Dunes years ago.  This is a partnership that isn't afraid to succeed nor fail.  This is a partnership that does not seek the beaten trail.  In the spirit of live music, this short film also included two acoustic performances.  "The Pinnacle" was released separate from this collection, while "Secrets Seem Rehearsed" is included at the end of this video.

Special thanks to Steve, Jessica, Leo & Harper Image for their participation in the making of this video and to Jelani Brooks for his production of "Forever Love Is Tainted."