The Dunes, Washington DC - August 18, 2013

Train is very easy to work with. I was a fan of his music for some time before we got in touch.  I'd wanted to try performing with a bigger band to see how I would do directing it and what it would take.  He'd just released his album on Plug Research and had a bunch of new music out. I offered this to Train and he was into it immediately.  Boy, was I not ready for the work, though. I was scrambling to write charts up until arrival at the venue.  I even had to buy a new keyboard the day of the show. But, we took care of all the things that came up and pulled out of it with a pretty good show. Hopefully, Summer 2014 will bring another one like this.


Musicians: Diggs Duke - Keyboard, Composer, Vocals / M. Jelani Brooks - Tenor Sax / Brian Forehand - Alto Sax / Calvin Haney - Trumpet / Dante Pope - Drums, Percussion / Eliot Seppa - Bass / Vaughan Octavia - Violin / Jordyn Speakman - Cello