How can the listener support the music?

True music is being smothered by the dominant society and replaced by corporate music.  It is important to cultivate a setting where true music can excel.  We don't expect rhinos to live in New York City, and so we can't expect true music to live in the corporate setting.  There are many ways that you can support musicians, these are a few:


1.  Attend their shows and buy their albums.  Share with other people. 

2.  Don't patronize websites that pirate music.  (Maybe, you can even take action against them.)

3.  Make a playlist on a streaming service of your favorite musicmakers and share it. (Keep that playlist running, even when you aren't actively listening to it.  Atmospheric listening engages the mind subconsciously.)

4.  Send the musician money directly. 

5.  If you own a businesss, send them vouchers for your services.

6.  Refrain from consuming corporate music. (You must empty the rocks from your pockets before we can fill them with precious metals.) ***

7. If you host a radio show or podcast, be sure to correctly log and report the songs you play, so that musicians can receive their publishing royalties.

***  You can recognize corporate music through the mention of brands placed in the music. Also, the associated artist usually has some kind of deal with various corporate brands, an endorsement. Oftentimes, you will hear their music behind (or even within) advertisements.


Here are some things that don't really help:

1. Excessive amounts of interviews only provide further entertainment for an audience of consumers.

2. Mimicry is only flattering if it comes with a side of currency.

3. Biopics about musicians lives take focus off of the real representation of their lives, which is their music.  Most of the musicians who warrant biopics have 40 years of material to listen to.  Why not listen instead of watching?

4. Fueling sparring matches between musicmakers has nothing to do with music.  It has more to do with further entertaining consumers.