The Dunes, Washington DC - November 17, 2013 / December 15, 2013

This was a very valuable set of shows for me.  I was able to try out some new songs that I'd never played before. We even had my friend Jada step out and sing supporting vocals with us. We couldn't bring Jelani on the second gig. It was chaotic to organize at times, since some of the musicians are really busy playing and others have jobs during the day. The atmosphere was very loose and laid back. Sunday night. Less than 30 people at both of these shows, so they were small crowds.  I don't mind that. The people that came were very gracious and great listeners. 

Musicians: Diggs Duke - Vocals, Keys / Luke Stewart - Bass / Dante Pope - Drums / Jelani Brooks - Alto Saxophone (Nov. 17th only) / Jada Irwin - Vocals