It looks like a square, baby cello and it's construction was intentionally that.  But, it's sound is not that at all.  The nylon strings, plucked with different things, create a twangy sound with a lot of character.  In the sample, it's being picked with thin metal, creating a scraping sound.  It also has a strong percussive element to its sound.  I like to play one string as a drone while picking pitches on the other one. 

The idea began with the neck of a broken violin.  A friend gave the smashed instrument to me after I discovered it in the corner of a venue he manages and asked about it. Upon discovering that the neck was unscathed, I removed it and placed it onto a whiskey box.  A piece of wood I found outside is attached to the bottom and acts as a leg. Of course, it's covered in cloth and a wine cork is the bridge. A set of wood shims glued together slides underneath the fretboard to adjust it's position.