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  • DISCIPLINE : Two Prizefighters

         Surrender is not such an awful thing, now is it? To humble oneself is often the difference between getting beat up and not getting beat up, between life and death. Surrender is a strategy. I don't mean that it is some devious postponement of another attack or attempt. It is the culmination of a campaign toward a specific goal. For, it would be a foolish waste of time to continue towards an unattainable goal, simply for pride. Pride is absolutely and completely useless if there is no backing for it.  And a loser with pride is bound to be lose again. Oftentimes, the winner of the joust is inspired by the loser's sincerity of heart and accepts him as an equal. Have you ever seen the tears and joy shared between two prizefighters, after they nearly beat each other to death?     

        To find some undeniable object of superiority in this world is such a magnificent idea. To endure violence and humiliation is nothing, if at the end, one can find something worthy of submitting to. And should this superior force not remain as such, rather than becoming a thing to be conquered, it should be a great memory. Indeed, a memory of submission is so much more dense than a memory of conquest. It sings wildly of itself, while the memory of conquest dwindles in search of more conquest. Even when I win, I accept that I'm still lost.