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  • PERSPECTIVE: No Plague Without A Purpose

         So many of our own have a habit of underestimating how much perversion has been thrust upon us. I speak of understanding often, even when I don't understand. I know it's the first step, to speak what I know or don't know, so that the information can come and find me.  I know that our kind is such an important part of the order that endeavors to preserve this planet. I know that many outside are born of a spirit that endeavors to make this planet like the other planets. Alas, I said they are born that way, now didn't I?  There is a chance for redemption for those other beings. Yes, but it requires the same pain that we endure(d). So, it can be safely assumed that no one will seek this redemption. Of course, no plague is without purpose. It is such a beautiful thing to be part of an absolutely divine purpose.