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  • PERSPECTIVE : Failure As Wisdom...Slight Elaboration

         Failure is never voluntary. But, the greatest achievements are not born of a long tradition of other achievements. Rather, they are a departure from a long tradition of failure. Of course, I would never aspire to fail. It isn't possible to set out with a goal of failure. But, I would argue that failure is romantic in the sense that it is a preface to great success.

         Even more romantic is the idea of your own disappointment in yourself upon learning of your failure. This disappointment is so profound in that it reveals that you sincerely thought you would succeed. I am often surprised at the ways in which I fail, simply because I usually feel as if I set goals which are attainable. But, in the instance of my failure, I become aware of the impracticality of my thinking – especially when success is based on others.

         Only in the glory of failure can one attain the only universal currency, which is wisdom. Not just knowledge, but wisdom. This is why it is so profound that you cannot achieve wisdom superficially by purposefully failing.