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  • DISCIPLINE: Cultivation Of A Sound Body & Mind Through Basic Instrument Associations

    Wind Instruments cultivate strong and steady breathing habits.

    If rhythm is the sole focus, and not tone or melody, Percussion Instruments cultivate extreme focus on expanding simplicity, as well as linear thematic development.

    Tonal/Melodic Percussion Instruments, such as the balafon or other derivations like the piano, cultivate focus centered on multiple lines of thinking.

    Stringed Instruments cultivate style.

    Vocalization cultivates strong and steady breathing and a deeper awareness of one's own body, as well as self-confidence and self-expression. Group vocalization encourages acceptance of a position or role, as well as the impulse to share.

    ****Performance can be antithetical to physical and mental cultivation, as it brings the direction of focus from inward to outward. However, if measured, sharing one's sound is invaluable. Music is intended to cultivate a balanced individual. One doesn't have to play everything from every angle in order to achieve balance. You may only want to apply these instruments to your life as they correspond with skills that you lack or qualities that you want to enhance in yourself.