All creative contributions to this project were made by me. I also made some of the instruments, such as the percussion and banjo that you hear on the 2nd half of the album, as well as the bass on "The News of the Day."

Most of this album was conceived, recorded and released in the 4th quarter of 2017.

All of this album was organized, mixed and mastered in late September and early October.

“School Lets Out” was previously released in 2012 as “Cotton Candy” on my Mass Exodus, Volume 2 project. It is a familiar feeling that has recurred, but from a different angle this time.

“Thoughts That Pass En Route” was previously released in 2012 as “Well Repel” on my Mass Exodus, Volume 2 project. Again, the song fits in a different context here. It still is reflective in nature. But, the reflection is beyond what is sung here, implying daydreams on a bus, perhaps thinking on the perils of sun worship or the difference between naivete and righteousness.

“Transfer” is an extended midi orchestration based on “Indiana Africana,” which was originally released on my album The Eye of Discovery and can be found now on Because You're So Wonderful.

The melodic material on “2nd Ride” was adapted partly from Eubie Blake's “Baltimore Buzz.” The rhythmic material is two drum tracks staggered against each other. Unlike the other tracks which include a true electric Fender Rhodes running through a Marshall amplifier, this Fender Rhodes is a digital simulation.

Released by Following Is Leading

Published by Warm Valley Music (ASCAP)