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  • PERSPECTIVE : Spirit Theft

         Spirit thieves do just what the name suggests. They indulge themselves in the theft of someone's spirit. For, there is only so much to go around, and many are unsatisfied with their helping. Even though one can gain infinite amounts of information by simple submission, there are so many who lack the humility required to do this, and prefer the ease of treachery. Of course, treachery requires that one be in possession of little to no character, a trait which defines the spirited. And the spirit thief abhors nothing more than the suffering through which character is gained. So, in turn, treachery is the most natural choice.

         Creative energy, especially as applied to music, is the source of all spirit and this has always been common knowledge, if not in the conscious mind, then certainly in the unconscious spirit. Yes, the spirit is unconscious and thus the spirit thief does not know what they are. They simply steal because it is their nature. The close friend. The charming spouse. These are one of many common disguises for this individual. For, an individual should not be close unless there is an offering to give. A woman should not initiate her charm unless she is interested in giving of herself. Charm and friendship are surely acts of accountability. This is obvious. But, of course, the greatest tools of the spirit thief are evasion and deflection of that which is obvious.