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  • PERSPECTIVE : A Dropped Baton

         You may be thinking that the things this generation does have been done before. But, I can assure you that they haven't. There have been attempts made by the previous generation. But they never ended successfully. The lesson to be learned from their failure can be found in the actions that followed the attempt. An idea only finds its beginning in the lifting of a pen or the pressing of a button. It finds its end in death, while its memory lives on to inspire those of a common understanding.

         I do not say this in order to chastise anyone, especially not my elders. I simply am pointing out that I am not accepting a baton from the hand of the elders.  I am picking up a baton that's been dropped, in hopes that the relay is not already over. Of course, if it is, I will still finish for pride.  I am unveiling the spirit of the music, which speaks the spirit of the People, which is teaming with leeches. But, you cannot assume the properties of greatness just by associating with it. If a great woman was swimming across a great body of water, and as she emerged on the other side, you saw that she had a leech attached to her, would you endeavor to be like the leech? Would you interview and praise the leech?