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  • PERSPECTIVE : The Street & The Gutter

         One of the hallmarks of ignorance is the misassociation of words with ideas, actions, states and visualizations. For example, you can't be in the gutter and be on the street at the same time. These two words describe two different places and ideas. So, the gully are not the street. Oh yes, being on the street is quite a few steps up from being in the gutter. And interacting with people on the street is much different from interacting with people in the gutter. Moreover, both lead to specific places. The street offers many paths and indeed is a conglomerate of pathways, leading to many destinations. However, the gutter ends in the sewer. This differentiation must be made, not just for the sake of perception, but for the sake of living language. Otherwise, we venture into the territory of artistic language, and there is absolutely no such thing as 'art.'

         See, we all have the possibility to attain street logic, since we all interact with the street to some extent. Most of us pass through it, use it as a highway or byway. Of course, the people on the street might learn my name. But the people in the gutter only know my number. For they are always only temporarily residing there, even if they reside their forever. This is why the gutter is so dirty. It is a temporary infinity.

         The street is busy and bustling, filled with action, big and little action, important and uneventful action, things going somewhere really fast or really slow. There are lanes that offer options. It's exciting and purposeful to be there. Many who live on the street don't even mind it. But, alas, the dirty water that runs and gathers along the gutter only gathers a steady stream of misery, which ends in a giant container of misery.

         Think of the phrase 'street musician' and what comes to mind, probably some person playing guitar in the subway or beating a bucket on a street corner near a busy intersection. You are thinking of work, of discipline amongst the undisciplined droves. Now, think of a 'gutter musician' and what do you see? Probably nothing because that phrase does not exist. The gutter provides no place for music. Although it is there, it can only exist purposefully as a stepping stone, out of the gutter and into the street. The closest thing to 'gutter music' would be that low character music that degrades everything in sight, men women animals plants everything, music that just pisses on everything in life, even dooming its own future to be pissed upon. For, have you ever noticed how the gutter is always slanted back in toward the curb.

         The gutter will be confined to itself wherever it goes. It would serve the gutter best to aspire to the shoulder. It would fair the shoulder well to learn to be street. And it would fair the street well to stay as street as possible. Stay in the big chunk and switch lanes as you must. You don't want to fly. The air game is a whole 'nother thang. You'll get shot down acting street in a private plane.