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  • RESEARCH/PERSPECTIVE: Concepts Regarding Circumcision & Its Relation To Music

         Even without considering the origin of its name, visual observations tell us that 'French kissing' is not born of the Peoples that inhabited the earth in the earliest days. Be it a modern Western war custom or simply a page in the Kama Sutra, it is a relatively new thing. The adoption of our highly-evolved modern mouth-play is a learned behavior. For, when the example of the dominant society is not followed, a severe insecurity presents itself in the form of violence, be it physical or psychological. To confirm this idea, we need simply to look at the instance of this woman who was harrassed for covering her body on the shores of the ocean just last year.

         Yes, one of the traditions of Western culture, of course, is the lack of self-control, especially as displayed by hypocritical religious zealots. We could exhaust ourselves in examining the practice of pedophilia within the lineage of the catholic church for confirmation of this, from the castrato to the modern altar boy. Furthermore, we can trace the behavior in many parts of the world back to religious missionaries who introduced this 'sin' to the Sapiens with colonialism and slavery. This isn't to say that lust is foreign to the big-lipped and wooly-haired, nor that I am without lust personally.

         However, the cultivation of lust as a natural practice is, without a doubt, foreign to the Sapiens nature, which is why lustful music is constantly being presented to the village and why the lost tribes are constantly portrayed to the world as being unable to control their desires. Let's look at these concepts of desire through perspectives of circumcision. It should be noted that while female circumcision in 'Africa' is commonly demonized, male circumcision in 'America' is hardly criticized at all.  Surely, having the foreskin of your penis cut away is no better a prospect than putting a knife and stitches to the vulva and clitoris.  Although male circumcision is often done in 'Africa' under the same risky conditions as female circumcision, there is no speech of it.  This is not a statement of agreement or disagreement with either. I am simply highlighting an understanding skewed by conquest and its close cousin, propaganda.  Instead of offering a cleaner and healthier way of carrying out a practice, the overseer will always introduce a new practice that suits him or her better. It is the way of the devil to appeal to Eve, and in every instance of interaction, this is the campaign that will take place.

         Female circumcision in 'Africa' is called 'genital mutilation' by the west and is referred to as an encroachment on 'sexual freedom.'  It is also criticized for the health risks involved with the low-tech procedures that take place in pillaged 'African' countries.  Surely, if certain happenstances had not come to pass, these procedures would be much less traumatic and risky.  It is only the stolen resources of the world, taken by surprise and deception, that allows the west to operate with lower health risks in any medical procedure.

         My understanding of female circumcision in 'African' countries is that it is performed in order to dull a woman's sex drive. I also understand that it is performed by other women (though inevitably it was a man's idea).  Regardless of any moral position, this practice lines up with the idea that I am presenting here, which is simply that the conscious cultivation of lust is not native to the Sapiens. Rather, the modern idea of sexual freedom (a.k.a. lust) is rooted in pure Euro/American conquest.  I don't write this as a scorned refugee, but as a humble shepherd, leading as many as possible from wickedness.  For, although the western media purports that the circumcision of men in America is for health reasons, it certainly is not. To support the cliche of the health-concerned westerner, there are 'scientific' reports that claim circumcision in the USA is declining, and as a result, more men will contract diseases. But, if there will be an increase in the contraction of diseases among uncircumcised American men, it is simply due to the increase in their already quite degenerate and unclean behavior. Without a doubt, male circumcision continues so that men can go about their normal deviant sexual behavior with a bit less risk of contracting a disease. With less risk of disease, American degeneracy can more easily be spread far and wide, not just within the walls of Babylon, but throughout the globe. Rather than confront the culture that surrounds us, it is much easier to act as if penises naturally need to be modified for health reasons.

         Of course, women do not have the luxury of being modified for safety in their devious behavior. Since the male sexual organ is placed inside of the woman, they run a much higher risk of being infected with whatever filth a man's secretions may hold. I agree with no concept of circumcision, but we must ask ourselves what are the origins of these things. In our answers, we should be honest. And if the answer leads back to the same place, it should be easy to make decisions about our behaviors. It certainly is not in the best interest of any nation (especially the lost tribes) to take sexual cues from the West or to embrace their reasoning systems, which have brought them to their current culture of utter perversity. Every people must evolve in their own path, no matter the pressure from outside forces.

         Speaking of the lost tribes here in Babylon (a.k.a. USA), the degradation of our character is encouraged in the overwhelmingly lustful nature of our music, as I briefly mentioned above. We are then discouraged from questioning the music in low character songs that imply that it is taboo to monitor our behavior. These songs feed us the dreadfully incomplete idea that we only live once and tell us that we should live carefree. Western songs, in their insecurity, speak of pleasure as if it must be gained outside of oneself, in a never-ending campaign of personal conquest. In this sentiment, our music acts as an uncircumcised American penis, bedding the world into oblivion. However, I do not urge the lustful to be paralyzed by shame in their lust, nor do I shame the one who listens passively to lustful music. However, I certainly do urge the nationless nation to refrain from drowning in the low character that defines the dominant society.

         I would say that eliminating our basest passions starts with having existential pride in our sexual counterparts. A man should not see a woman with beautiful lips and immediately think of placing his tongue or penis in her mouth – and I have heard men utter these desires very often over the years. The pressing of lips together is more sanitary and shows a respect toward the essence of both partakers. It can be seen as a greeting or a show of support between a Sapiens man and woman who are in harmony with each other. Our contact with each other should not hold intentions of self-gratification. Yes, when we free ourselves from lust, we will find the urge to free another from their own lust. At that point, man and woman will kiss with closed lips and get back to the work of maintaining the village, and later the world.