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  • PERSPECTIVE : Action

         It pains me to write so much. But, the language is all so coded and loaded that it entertains me to unravel it. Hopefully, I am helping by putting these writings in the atmosphere, and hopefully the offering is absorbed before the children all begin to buy into the anarchy curriculum (we're pretty much there). Let's finally talk about two words that have no meaning when placed together, 'identity politics.' I suppose the idea of this phrase is that people are gathering into groups based on assumed identities and then seeking political or social leverage for that group. But, what if you don't want anything from the socio-political system?  This question doesn't suggest that we should continue to act carelessly and neglect the system of finance and politics that governs the world. But, let's not demean our own intelligence. Let's understand it's all a huge scam, a veil hiding the insecurities of the Citizen.

         Of course, 'identity' is a particularly useless word, as it is meant to cage something that is defined by action. You cannot purport yourself to be something that you don't be doing – yes, I understand the structure of that sentence and it was purposeful and much more involved than the proper grammar would allow. If you don't be playing and living music, you aren't a musician. Then again, just cause you be playing music don't make you a musician. Every time you shake a rattle, even if you shake it forever, you aren't being a musician. You are just shaking a rattle. All of the foolishness I am speaking is the confusion that comes with the acceptance of devious and condescending conversations about the phantom idea that is 'identity politics.'

         I am concerned with none of these things and I believe my writing speaks in support of this statement. My main and only concern is action. I am concerned with the doing of things, never the being of things. I have spoken of being things in the past, but only as a result of what I do and have been doing since birth. I've been reading and writing. I've been playing music. I've been living under a state that oppresses what I do, not what I am.  I sound like I do when I sing because this is how things have evolved around me. Of course, history is associated with community, nationality, sex and race. This is a defining factor in our understanding of life, but only as it pertains to what we are doing and why we are doing it.

        The following concept could be expanded on quite a bit and I want you to feel free to do so. I will offer a simple equation that will hopefully bring clarity to all who indulge it as a starting point in assuming their place creatively. Please note that I did not say 'finding' their place creatively. For, we all are born into a particular role and instead of running away from it or acting as if we do not know what it is, it is better to walk directly into it. This is where you will find your most satisfying work.


    Action + Reason + Association + Reason = What + Why + With Whom & Where At + Why.....

    For example:

    I wash my hands / because it makes them smell good / and I do it alone in the bathroom / because I don't need help doing it.

    Another example:

    I play music / because I am compelled to hear the sounds that take place inside of my head. / When I feel the idea is shared, I prefer to do it with others who have an equal understanding and hear a similar sound. When I feel the sound is uncommon or unparalleled, I play alone. When I play with others, I play at a location of shared comfort. / When I play alone, I play in the place where I am most comfortable. / I make these choices to balance the greatest outcome with the least opposition.