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  • DISCIPLINE: The Understanding We Seek Is Upon Us

         Our multi-tasking is not such a simple thing, something to be accepted in passing. In my recent learnings, I've concluded that it takes two minds to do two things, three minds for three and so on. So, if you are listening to music and cooking and thinking about something and eating and talking on the phone, you are actually five people.  When you are done with these things and return back to simply being, you become one again.

         Music that explores the world, as if aspiring to reincarnate Columbus, must originate of this multiplicitous mind.  Of course, the exploratory listener is an asset to the musician.  But, an exploratory musician is one that does not know, one that gropes in the dark for clues, searching for a deep fiction.  When he gropes through our music, he knocks over the artifacts of history, which have been kept in the darkness because they are safe there.

         The darkness offers no aggression.  Rather, it bypasses the turmoil caused by the blinding light.  Therefore, we should not grope in the dark, in a panic as if we are headed toward oblivion.  Rather, we should briefly burn a low wick to guide the way.  For, we are not headed for oblivion, but pushing down the walls that confine us in the deepest wickedness of the oblivion that has been upon us for so long.