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  • PERSPECTIVE: The Great Orator

         I personally understand that the message is far more important than the messenger and the idea more important than the message. This is why the carrier of strong messages often disappears soon after the idea is delivered. This fact is something that the subject of this essay did not understand, or perhaps did not respect. He understood so many things, many more than most. But, his lack of understanding in this department, or his refusal to act in accordance, resulted in his death, which orphaned and widowed those closest to him. His most obvious intention, whether consciously or subconsciously, was to become a hero, in contrast to his beginnings as an anti-hero. Of course, at the end of any aspiration of idolatry, you will find death.

         The great orator was killed while in the act of orating, a most romantic death. The romance of this death inspired an expansive number of traveling orators to follow in his footsteps. For, so many desire a romantic death such as his. But, had he lived to see a natural end, how long would the campaign of oration have lasted?  In some sense, with the establishment and expansion of the Nation, the goal had already been attained, which was to provide a shining example of discipline to the lost tribes. But with each new idea and thought that came to the great orator, he began a new campaign of oration. Perhaps, that is the divine reason his life was ended, because his purpose had been served and over-served.

         Certainly, if I am to judge the circus of know-it-all speakers that tour through our enclaves today, I should judge the trendsetter. For, attaining a mastery of oration does not equate to attaining a mastery of discipline. Oration serves the many who are equipped to listen, while one does not have to be an orator to reach the few who are equipped to act on the message. For, those who act on their sincerity have a habit of observing sincere actions much more so than they listen to sincere speech. Besides, speech is the currency of stagnation and sincerity usually comes with little to no announcement. So, we are left to wonder what our great orator intended in his repeated instances of public discourse with the dominant society, against the counsel of the people to whom he owed his great consciousness.

         Now, his idolization by the many confused followers around the world, speaks to the world's general consciousness in relation to the confused People our great orator attempted to represent. For, the path he walked was immensely difficult. Yes, it is spoken of in many ancient books, the sinner turned moralist. But, he wasn't merely that, as he was certainly one of the extreme few in history who could claim to have made an effort against stagnation. His willingness to act on this sincerity was what he was admired for. Of course, he was not the only one to think the thoughts he spoke. I suppose his awareness of this fact is what gave him the confidence to speak these thoughts so openly. However, we must always consider that opposing forces will always act in opposition. Every thesis has an antithesis and each will be supported in action.