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  • DISCIPLINE / PERSPECTIVE: The Usage of the Phi Phenomenon As An Infinite Distraction

         No matter how fast pictures pass in front of our eyes, we must remember that every frame contains many pictures that could stand alone. A movie is lots of pictures. A television show is lots of pictures. It has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Can you process a thousand words per frame, if there are 25 frames passing per second? This means that you would be processing 25,000 words per second. Surely, in 25,000 words, one could rewrite history or create a new mystery, all without your knowledge.

         So, how many pictures are there in one sentence, one paragraph?  How many paragraphs are there in one frame of a movie? There is no way to understand all of them. Yet, still you see most frames of a moving picture. Yet, still you feel as if to interact with the moving picture is to interact with some living idea. Yet, still, we choose to look to the moving pictures to inform us about ourselves and to inform the public about us.

         It would be more beneficial to stare at one picture for two hours and process the information contained within it than to watch a two hour long movie. For, watching movies is a task to be completed by experts, people who have consciously cultivated the ability to process high quantities of visual information. The same can be said about listening to sound. Furthermore, if each sound contains a wealth of information, historical and scientific, an expert of sound, a musician, should also be a translator of information. This is not our practice, especially pertaining to the music of stolen 'Africans' here in this country.

         The most compelling thing about moving pictures is the rate at which they allow us to pass the time. It is the quintessential nihilist activity.  Knowing this, I can't help but to admire the filmmaker who moves one picture at a time, rather than 25.  I respect those who can walk outside and be truly cognizant of their surroundings, to see the real stage show.  I admire the 'musician' who understands each word and its origin, and speaks them sparingly, so as to construct phrases that make sense.  I respect the listener who hears the song in everything. Seeing, rather than watching. Listening, rather than hearing.