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  • DISCIPLINE: Such A Chance For Redemption

         We have been born into roles in a play, each role acting as a placeholder, until we can escape the confinement of our gifted selves. It is true that most of us do not have such a chance to be redeemed. This is why people who can express themselves through sound are consistently accused of having a gift. Much of this opportunity for redemption is contained in the person dismissed as the 'groupie,' who is willing to reciprocate the bravery and faith that is felt in the music – and this reciprocation isn't always an offering of sex. But, in common practice, the 'musician' is motivated by domination, socially and sexually.  Often, he has nothing to offer but the worthless toots of a trumpet and treats the 'groupie,' who is actually the most treasured muse, with the same abusive nature as he does the music. In the absence of male discipline, the rare female 'musician' very often follows suit in her desire to sexually and socially manipulate her audience.  Once again, the question must be asked;

    Do I forage within myself in order to improve the creative reservoir

    or do I forage within the creative reservoir in order to improve myself?