There was no reference instrument for this creation.  It started with a most random piece of plywood. The dresser handles cover a hole the that is the size of the handle, making three small open spaces. You cannot see the holes because of the cloth that covers the instrument.  A guitar peg and a hole on the other side stretches a violin string across the wood.  Pegs are used as bridges and the bowl adds a great deal of resonance.  

       In playing this instrument, one hand plucks the string with a thin wooden stick, while the other interacts with the "buttons."  Pressing the string against the buttons and plucking creates a buzzing pitch.  Pressing in between the buttons creates a pure tone.  It can also be played using a number of 'slides,' passing over the string and pressing on it.  If tuned tightly and played rhythmically between the handles (with a thin wooden stick), its tone is like that of the Coqui, a frog native to Puerto Rico. It is meant to make natural noises, organized in rhythm, and does not lend itself to formal thinking.