This instrument was created with a double bass in mind, as can be gathered from the audio sample.  But it can be played in several ways and it's sound is adaptable, with small modifications to how it's approached. It is made of a whiskey box, a portion of a chair's leg, the top of an incense holder and a stick that was connected to a junk dresser outside my building. The sculpture inside the whiskey box once held coasters.  It was a gift to me from someone in Ghana and the wood is very dense, adding a bit of extra resonance.  

       There is a steel string attached to the sculpture via a guitar peg and a hole drilled near the base of it. The main string stretched vertically on the bass is nylon from a hardware store, using a wooden peg and a wine cork as bridges. Screws, liquid nails and wood glue hold everything together sturdily, including the Tibetan rug that adorns the instrument.  It can be approached like a berimbau, striking the string (and subsequently the wood underneath) with a stick, but with the left hand controlling the pitch.  It can be plucked with the end of a thin piece of wood.  Fingers work best.